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How To Network At The New Company After Getting Hired

You networked to learn about your new job, had conversations and follow-ups with multiple people during the hiring process and finally you got the job! What is the next step to get off to a great start and accelerate your career? Internal networking.

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Mentors: The Light that Guides

The consulting and contracting world is inherently isolated.  You’re out on your own, finding new clients, surmounting new problems.  In a traditional work environment, we are surrounded by other professionals who provide advice, examples and a support network.  While they also provide competition, those around you can be a great resource when you’ve hit a wall in a project.  Especially the sagacious advice of one who has been in your field much longer than yourself.  These mentors can help you navigate office politics as well as provide insight in tough business situations. view more at http://www.corp-corp.com/blog/mentors-the-light-that-guides/


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