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In Charge of a Team? What to Remember

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How To Lead Your Team And Establish Goals After Getting a Promotion

Leadership consultant Kimberly Wiefling recommends following a guideline to ensure success after you get that promotion you’ve always wanted. First, it is very important to have a conversation with your team to help build trust. Be sure to listen very carefully to get to know them and establish the rapport necessary.

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How Can Managers Keep Their Team Focused On The Customer?

Unfortunately managers and members of the leadership team often find that employees are focused on internal issues or petty politics rather than the customer. If this is the case, that means the customer is being overlooked and likely neglected. As leadership expert Kimberly Wiefling suggests, one way to help the customer have more visibility within an organization is to have the team go meet with the customers in person.

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Best Practices for Team Management at a Successful Company

Managing a team has several important nuances. As explained by expert management consultant Rajiv Munshi, the most important aspects of managing a team are as follows:

  1. Set the expectations and define the roles. Each person is different and may respond differently. The manager has to coach, mentor, and make sure team members are focused on the objective.

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