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Top 7 Resume mistakes That You Should Avoid

Want to create a perfect resume? Check out this article – http://bit.ly/1zWzXLc


Tips for creating video Resumes

In today’s Job market, video resume becomes a valuable tool to achieve the employment. It makes your resume stand out to recruiter from the crowd. It helps you in marketing yourself to prospective employers.

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Tips for Making your Resume Stand Out

Resume acts as an effective tool to enter in a job interview. It must clearly explain your skill and achievements. Many job seekers may apply for the same job. So, it is essential to create your resume stand out from other candidates. Here are some tips to create a valuable resume

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Why You Need To Project Your Accomplishments On Your Resume

ob seekers commonly list their responsibilities or tasks as bullet points on their resumes. However, as top LinkedIn Career Coach Dilip Saraf explains, the best thing you can do to showcase what you have to offer the new company is instead to list your accomplishments.

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