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Personal Branding And Your Career: Your Reputation Depends On It

As the saying goes, your reputation precedes you, but does your reputation matter when it comes to your career? Personal branding expert Bill Belew say the answer is a resounding yes. He provides an example of how his reputation, or personal brand, saved him from an inaccurate accusation he faced while teaching.

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Building Your Personal Brand Through Social Media And Blogging

Bill Belew, experienced blogger and personal branding expert, shares his expertise on building a personal brand. There are many ways in which to build your personal brand, but these days the most common is through social media, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

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How Your Personal Network Can Help With Your Personal Brand

There are several ways in which your network can help to develop your  personal brand. Karri Carlson, product and social marketing expert, provides these stepping stones for you to enhance your personal brand and your career. Carlson recommends using your network both for input and to gain feedback based on the information they share with you.

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The Significance of Personal Branding On Growing Your Career

Bill Belew, personal branding expert, equates personal branding with your reputation. Like your reputation, your personal brand precedes you. It is what comes to mind when someone just thinks about you or hears your name, even if you’ve never met. For example, if you are applying for a job, the hiring manager will Google you and learn details about your personal brand before you step foot in their office.

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Tips for Career Growth and Personal Success – Personal Branding

The best time to start building your personal brand is right now, if you haven’t already begun. Personal branding expert Bill Belew says you most likely have already started building your brand, even if it was unintentional. If you have Facebook, Twitter, a blog, or interact with the public, your personal brand is definitely in process.

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Join the 1% of Visibility

We recently discussed ways to engage your online presence to further benefit your professional brand.  The advice seems simple, but few people seem to really engage an active online presence.  Simple tools like twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIN, all can drastically increase your visibility.

Those steps require little effort.  Swallow your pride and join the social media revolution.

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