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Are Great Leaders Born or Built in the Business World?

The question of whether or not people are born leaders has been debated for years. Active Garage co-founder Himanshu Jhamb, says no one is really born a leader. Instead, a leader is someone who learns to demonstrate certain qualities over time. Being a leader involves a particular skill set that is learned and developed.

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Leadership And Management – What Are The Important Differences?

Often times people think that all managers are leaders and conversely, that all leaders in the company are in management.  However, as business leadership consultant Kimberly Wiefling explains, there is a big difference between leadership and management.

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The Definition of Leadership and What It Means To Your Career

People often think if you have an executive or upper management job you are automatically a leader, but not so says leadership expert Kimberly Wiefling. She explains that leadership is not about a label or job title at all.’

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