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Top 5 Job Hunting Sites

The very fact that job search jobs exist shows that our economy certainly could be doing worse.  There is a market out there, but we as seekers need to work harder to get involved in that market.  Having a wide pool to draw from is undeniably the best way to increase your odds of finding a gig.

What I like most about job-hunting websites, is that they benefit most by actually supplying both ends of their customer base with exactly what they need.  So they go out of their way to help give advice, streamline results, and leverage your needs against their resources.


 LinkedIN is my favorite option for job hunters.  First and foremost it is a site that helps you see the power of your deliverable network.  Job listings often will also show people you may know related to that industry, company or individual.  This site does not avoid the fact that people like references, they like being able to hire someone who is vouched for.

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