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How to Step Up to Play a Bigger Role and Get Noticed

For earning a promotion, you have to work hard. At various points in our lives, in both professional and personal capacities, advancement requires us to grow personally. For some fortunate people, personal growth can be found in areas that we enjoy pursuing. However, if, for example, getting a promotion requires that you learn to be a successful project-manager and you find it difficult to delegate work to others, this will be hard for you professionally.

To get noticed, you will have to move outside your comfort zone and acquire new skills. There will be areas you aren’t at ease with. Here are some tips on how to deal with this:

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Looking for Consulting Projects – Considered Cold Calling?

Cold calling is basically the practice of reaching out to companies, usually via telephone, and enquiring about whether they need your services. A lot of consultants do not like using this method, but if used correctly it can really help you in getting new projects.

The main reason for people to shy away from this method is the fear of being rejected. They do not want to hear ‘No’ from the company. But, if you do not give it a try at all, you might miss out on a job that might have been yours only if you had called. Here are a few tips you should keep in mind when using cold calling.

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Job References Can Make or Break Your Career – Make Sure You Have the Right Ones

Suppose you are an IT consultant who is looking for a project, it is possible that companies interested in you will ask for references. This is one of the aspects that most companies take into account when deciding whether to hire a consultant or not. So, it is important that you pay attention to the references you get. They can make or break your chances with a prospective client.

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Use the Power of Simplicity to Catapult Your Career

The most efficient way to get the best results is by keeping things as simple as you can. Consultants and managers have heard about it a lot of times but fail to apply it to their projects. More often than not, in order to get the best out of yourself and people working under you, you make things so complex and challenging that it ends up hampering your project. Here are a few tips that will help you in keeping things simple.

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How to Deliver a Winning Project

As an IT consultant, you will always want to give your client a top notch project outcome, but this can be easier said than done. How good or bad your project actually is, lies in the hands of the client eventually. However, there are certain things you can do, which will make sure that you client has nothing to complain about.

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Do the Work, Don’t Find the Answer

A few years ago, a team at Duke University claimed to have discovered a way to match a tumor’s patient-specific DNA to the precise medicine required to cure the disease.  It was considered a watershed moment in cancer research.  That is, until it was scrutinized by third party sources.  What they found was two sets of data.  One set was the patient’s actual data.  The other set was a slightly doctored version of that data.  The formulas and tests only functioned under the false data set.

When we are faced with a massive challenge in our careers, perhaps the kind of seemingly insurmountable challenge cancer seems to pose, it is tempting to find the quickest, most glorious route to success.  If you are asked to hire a consultant or a contractor, you hope your hire swoops in and magically resolves all of your problems.  If you are that consultant or contractors, you hope your cape is freshly laundered and ready for heroics.

It wont work that way though.

Do the Work

When you are on a project – self selected or otherwise – do your due dilligence.  Ask all of the questions, research all of the angles, figure out a method of approach.  If you can swing in and fix everything all at once, either the people that hired you should not be in charge or you have done something wrong.

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