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Coming Out with Flying Colors from a Technical Job Interview

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Why Should We Hire You? – The Interview Question Answered

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How to succeed in telephonic interview?

Some companies arrange telephonic interview to hire the candidate for filling their job vacancy. Telephonic interview is somewhat different from the Face-to-face interview. It reduces travelling expenses for the candidates.

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Importance of Self confidence for an interview

Self confidence is an essential skill required for an interview. You must have confidence in yourself, so that the employers might trust you. It helps you to land your dream job. Today’s world is very competitive because many people attend the job interview.

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How To Handle Job Interview Stress

During the job interview, some candidate may feel nervous. It will spoil your performance in the interview. There are many ways to avoid this interview jitters. Here are some general tips to overcome the interview stress.

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How To Prepare For Online Video Interview

Nowadays, Many organization prefers to conduct interview through online. Online interview method is very cost effective and time consuming.  Sometimes, job seeker may have difficulties in handling the video interview. They may feel little nervous. Here are some ideas to get prepared for video interview.

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Using Technology In Your Job Interview – The Secret Weapon

From cell phones to laptops to iPads, here are varying theories of using technology in your job interview.  Motivational speaker Rick Deutsch says the secret weapon is a piece of technology that the interviewer is not aware of – a camera pen! What are the benefits of using a pen with a hidden camera? In addition to giving your hands something to do in case you get nervous, you can also discreetly snap a few pictures of the interviewers to refer to later.

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