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Useful Freeware for IT Consultants

Buying specialized industry-standard software packages is no doubt an expensive proposition. Instead, it is a smarter idea to opt for freeware that delivers the desired functionality for your requirements. In fact, freeware is the choice of many IT consultants, who work on diverse projects requiring different software tools.

Tips on choosing freeware

When you decide to go for freeware, keep a few points in mind. Check if the freeware comes with one or more features that have been disabled. If so, check what these are and whether or not they will impair functionality or cause unwanted hassles. The freeware you choose should have no trouble exporting to XML, PDF and CSV for smooth functioning and use. Also verify if the software has been updated at least in the last seven to eight months; ongoing updates are indicative of a good ecosystem back-up for the freeware.

Some freeware you can consider


PDF-XChange Viewer:

Packed with features, the PDF-XChange Viewer allows the creation of visible type in a PDF. This makes it very easy, quick and convenient to fill business docs. Investing in PDF creation tools that offer the same functionality can cost you quite a bit.

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