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How to Make an Effective Pitch as an IT Consultant

You may excel at ERP systems implementation, database schema design or development of security schemes for wireless company networks. But you may not know how to communicate your technology skills to potential clients. This is a problem that IT consultants often face – pitching themselves effectively. Here are some tips for convincing potential clients about your technology skills.

Start off by telling clients what your USP (unique selling proposition) is. Let them know what exactly you can offer them. This is crucial keeping in mind the fact that companies look for specific skills focused on solving a particular problem. You need to clearly tell them about the tech domain you specialize in.


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Steering Clear of Common Mistakes that Many IT Consultants Make

The path to success is not smooth and unless you guard yourself against potential pitfalls, your IT consulting career can fail to live up to expectations. There are some common mistakes that IT consultants commit unknowingly. Here is a brief discussion on a few:

Not demonstrating passion and enthusiasm for your job

IT consultants need to sell their skills a bit more aggressively to land the project they have been hoping to work on. You should show clients how you have the zeal for the job, and how this will help them meet their project goals. Being low-key or lacking confidence can fail to convince clients that they have the right man or woman on board for their project.

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Top 5 Job Hunting Sites

The very fact that job search jobs exist shows that our economy certainly could be doing worse.  There is a market out there, but we as seekers need to work harder to get involved in that market.  Having a wide pool to draw from is undeniably the best way to increase your odds of finding a gig.

What I like most about job-hunting websites, is that they benefit most by actually supplying both ends of their customer base with exactly what they need.  So they go out of their way to help give advice, streamline results, and leverage your needs against their resources.


 LinkedIN is my favorite option for job hunters.  First and foremost it is a site that helps you see the power of your deliverable network.  Job listings often will also show people you may know related to that industry, company or individual.  This site does not avoid the fact that people like references, they like being able to hire someone who is vouched for.

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Do the Work, Don’t Find the Answer

A few years ago, a team at Duke University claimed to have discovered a way to match a tumor’s patient-specific DNA to the precise medicine required to cure the disease.  It was considered a watershed moment in cancer research.  That is, until it was scrutinized by third party sources.  What they found was two sets of data.  One set was the patient’s actual data.  The other set was a slightly doctored version of that data.  The formulas and tests only functioned under the false data set.

Whe we are faced with a massive challenge in our careers, perhaps the kind of seemingly insurmountable challenge cancer seems to pose, it is tempting to find the quickest, most glorious route to success.  If you are asked to hire a consultant or a contractor, you hope your hire swoops in and magically resolves all of your problems.  If you are that consultant or contractors, you hope your cape is freshly laundered and ready for heroics.

It wont work that way though.

Do the Work

When you are on a project – self selected or otherwise – do your due dilligence.  Ask all of the questions, research all of the angles, figure out a method of approach.  If you can swing in and fix everything all at once, either the people that hired you should not be in charge or you have done something wrong.

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5 Myths of Consulting

Consulting is full of myths.  People create myths when they need to excuse themselves from pursuing their goals.  Many strive to be a consultant or envy their position, but few ever push themselves to excel.  Debunk the myths of consulting and you’ll find it easier to really make a career of it.

They are the Unassailable Best

Summary: It’s not what you can say, but how you can say it.

There is an idea that every consultant is the absolute best in their field.  There seems to be this narrative – which informs my next point – that they go from menial worker, to prodigy, to god-of-the-field.  From their godly perch, they grow bored of their tasks and evolve in to consultants.  Consultants are super-deities of their field whose every word drips gold and honey.

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10 Blogs Career Seekers Must Follow

There are many resources available to you as a job-seeker online.  Here is a quick list of 10 that you must have your eyes on if you want to be a successful candidate.

Catherine’s Corner

“Energy and persistence conquer all things” is Catherine Adenle’s mantra.  Her blog really bleeds that mentality, ensuring that anyone who reads it realizes the amount of power they hold in their hands.

Elite Resume

The Elite Resume team is an organization of people dedicated to providing professional career building advice.  Follow their blog for excellent motivational pieces, practical application of resume construction, and ways to progress yourself in your given field.

Seth Godin

Whether or not you’re currently looking for a job, Seth Godin is one of the premier bloggers to read.  With a concise statement, he can alter your perception of a project or your career path.  Godin also publishes e-books on a variety of issues.  He is undoubtedly a leading voice on the web.

Career Hub Blog

The Career Hub Blog is an excellent resource for furthering a current career, perfecting a resume, getting job seeking tips.  Their staff of writers draws from a huge variety of experiences and brings together fascinating articles view more at here

Pay Attention to the Facebook Timeline – Recruiters are Watching

What exactly is Facebook Timeline? If you don’t already know, employers are increasingly turning to popular social network, Facebook, to recruit candidates. Timeline is a service that allows you to tell recruiters who you are. And with Facebook’s latest Timeline utility, job seekers have a whole new way to present themselves to recruiters. The static information in your profile will communicate where you are currently working, which school/university you attended, etc, much like a resume. You can choose to include life events and add pictures and graphics into your Facebook profile. The emphasis is on life events that portray whatever it is that you want recruiters to know about you.

How you can use Timeline effectively

Up-to-date professional information:

As you may be using Facebook primarily to interact in an informal capacity, it is possible that you may not have updated your professional information. Timeline’s profile field highlights your job title and present employer. Ensure that your employment history is updated and that you present professional accomplishments impressively.

Choose privacy options with care:

Go through the privacy settings carefully given the fact that Facebook changes its privacy options very quickly. As Timeline will make it quite easy to view your complete Facebook history, you wouldn’t want recruiters to come across embarrassing, politically incorrect or cheesy memoirs from the past on your Facebook wall. Update privacy options to ensure that such information can be viewed only by friends.


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