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Working the Recruiter

While Corp-Corp is doing wonders for the world of IT recruitment, many contractors still find themselves working with recruiters between jobs.  Working with a recruiter is like having a living resume, they go out into the world to promote you and find your gig.  They are talented professionals who are meant to align the right person with the right job.  Trust them!

First, Dispelling the Myth

Recruiters aren’t selfish.  They aren’t only looking out for themselves.  In fact, logically speaking, their job doesn’t allow for that.  Yes: they make money from getting you a job, but that should encourage you, not discourage you.  Their livelihood is based on getting you a quality position.

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Breaking Stereotypes

Stereotypes are massively damaging.  They don’t only apply to race, religion, or gender, people stereotype everything they are unfamiliar with.

Now that’s not to say anyone will ever truly suffer from stereotypes for being in the IT world, but their career certainly can be harmed by these stereotypes.

There is hope, though, as an individual you can begin to truly stand out when you defy other people’s expectations of you.  Part of the concept of branding involves being remarkable.  If you fit the outline of what an individual expects, you automatically will stand out in their mind.  While you should never go about acting disingenuous, you can easily make yourself stand out by keeping in mind other’s expectations and acting against them.

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Debate: The Merits of the Cold Call

The cold-call sales technique is the scene of a massive battle across almost all fields.  The appeal is minimal, and most people don’t like the idea of their phone number or email address being used by a stranger.  Businesses are much the same.  Few businesses like it when a consultant suddenly pops onto their radar saying “Change your ways!”

I’d like to put out a few thoughts on both sides of the coin, then open the field to discussion/debate down in the comments section.


The cold-call is the embodiment of hustle.  When you’re just starting out, there is little better you can do than pound away at any and all openings.  Your strategy is blunt, more of a battering ram than a swift attack.

The upshot of this, is you may hit the right target at some point, and that target may open up in a big way.  Also, you provide yourself a diverse starting point.  If you land a few jobs with cold calls, they open up huge numbers of references if you work well for them.

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4 Great Free Consulting E-Books

E-Books have dramatically changed the game of advice giving.  People with experience are no longer inhibited by publishing houses and can easily put their thoughts into the field at large.  A veritable cornucopia of subjects and angles are presented online.  You are given the ability to choose between whose voice you agree with.

While most e-books are low-cost compared to their published cousins, the e-book revolution has also made it possible to have free content delivered in large quantities by respected thinkers.

Become the Expert in Your FieldRoger Wyer

This book focuses on building a brand of credibility and success.  Based on the premise that credibility is synonymous with expertise, the book guides you through while providing worksheets.  Wyer believes that if you read the book and truly apply yourself, you will increase revenue via your footprint in your industry.

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Suit Vs. Tee-Shirt: Social Media Presence

Suit Vs Tee-shirt is an analysis of formality/informality in business.  New methodologies clashing with tried-and-true mentalities create conflict for the modern business and employee.  Here, I attempt to dissect various aspects of that clash.

A recent post about the Facebook Timeline brings up a very important issue about  our new age of Social Media.  As an extension of our resume, employers have access to Google.  Almost each and every one of us will have some form of unique footprint on any search engine – articles, profiles, comments we’ve left.  Suddenly, tools that were personal extensions of ourselves online are being scrutinized by employers.  Traditional wisdom says that we should curate our online avatars.  But this brings up an interesting question:  Do we want to be hired by companies that expect automatons?  Should the individual change their online presence?  Or should companies begin to change their visions of employees from dollar signs to humans?

SUIT: It’s All a Resumé

THE IDEA:  The first position here is that everything we do online is a massive extension of our resume.  Facebook pictures, twitter posts, Google+, are all a part of a resource that your potential employer will check and attempt to glean information from.  Thus, just as you would curate your resume to present your best face, you should curate your online presence.

IN REALITY:  It’s definitely true that we’re scrutinized by our potential employers online.  Many thorough HR departments will do extensive research for important positions.  They’ll turn first to websites like LinkedIN as they will hold the most relevant information, but the attention will soon turn to Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

PROS:  Hirability by major, established companies.  Appearance of normative behavior.  Safe.
CONS:  Time and effort put in to curating profile.  Socially awkward to interact with friends in this way.

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