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The End Game

You’ve been brought on by a client to solve a problem.  After doing your due diligence, you went in and helped them resolve their issues.  You knew enough to listen to their problems, find the subtexts, and eventually brought out the root issue and managed to create an effective solution.

Congratulations!  Now it’s time to simply strut out of their office and walk into the next project, yes?


Now is the time to ensure a smooth exit and maintain a position that ensures a good name will follow you along with positive references and perhaps even some friendships.

Exit Strategy

The way you end a contract with a client is just as important as the first impression you gave upon walking in to the interview.  Rather than simply exiting, the nuance of concluding the business is essential to your personal branding.   Anyone in your field may have been able to walk in a resolve the issue, but if you do it with social grace and professional polish, you’ll have set yourself up well.

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