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Looking for Consulting Projects – Considered Cold Calling?

Cold calling is basically the practice of reaching out to companies, usually via telephone, and enquiring about whether they need your services. A lot of consultants do not like using this method, but if used correctly it can really help you in getting new projects.

The main reason for people to shy away from this method is the fear of being rejected. They do not want to hear ‘No’ from the company. But, if you do not give it a try at all, you might miss out on a job that might have been yours only if you had called. Here are a few tips you should keep in mind when using cold calling.

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Etiquette for Online Professional Networks

With networking sites like LinkedIn serving as a tool for establishing and maintaining professional relationships, it is important that you know how to use them effectively. Part of that involves presenting yourself on a network in a professional way. One of the ways to do this is to become familiar with protocols and etiquettes that are appropriate for professional networks. This can go a long way in ensuring that you get the most out of the professional relationships.

Set-up a complete profile:

Ensure that you create a complete profile on a professional networking site. For this, you should provide as many details as possible. This will help others get a comprehensive idea of what you can offer. Some of the areas that you should fill out in your profile are your work history, professional summary and qualifications. Also include your biggest accomplishments in the field.

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Job References Can Make or Break Your Career – Make Sure You Have the Right Ones

Suppose you are an IT consultant who is looking for a project, it is possible that companies interested in you will ask for references. This is one of the aspects that most companies take into account when deciding whether to hire a consultant or not. So, it is important that you pay attention to the references you get. They can make or break your chances with a prospective client.

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How to Look for Short Term Consulting Projects Online

With the current problems in the economy, many companies are unwilling to commit to long-term projects. At a time like this, they are more likely to offer short-term projects to consultants. You can find lucrative short-term IT consulting projects if you employ the right strategies.

One of the best places to look for such projects is online. The internet offers a host of options through which you can land the projects you want, without going through agents.

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Insight into a Mid-Level IT Executive’s Mind

There are myriad business issues that mid-level IT executives ponder over. All of these contribute in a big way to their companies’ success. Problem solving is the objective of executives, which is facilitated by careful evaluation, brainstorming on the issues, and choosing the best possible solutions to tackle them. But what exactly are the issues that keep executives on their toes? Here is an insight into a mid-level executive’s mind.

Information security is critical to large and small businesses alike. Information leaks within the company reveal that there was a failure in implementing proper security measures. Information security controls and policies are especially important in the banking, manufacturing and financial sectors where protecting information assets is vital. IT executives need to ensure that the right security controls are implemented and the company enjoys a robust security infrastructure.

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Steering Clear of Common Mistakes that Many IT Consultants Make

The path to success is not smooth and unless you guard yourself against potential pitfalls, your IT consulting career can fail to live up to expectations. There are some common mistakes that IT consultants commit unknowingly. Here is a brief discussion on a few:

Not demonstrating passion and enthusiasm for your job

IT consultants need to sell their skills a bit more aggressively to land the project they have been hoping to work on. You should show clients how you have the zeal for the job, and how this will help them meet their project goals. Being low-key or lacking confidence can fail to convince clients that they have the right man or woman on board for their project.

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Pay Attention to the Facebook Timeline – Recruiters are Watching

What exactly is Facebook Timeline? If you don’t already know, employers are increasingly turning to popular social network, Facebook, to recruit candidates. Timeline is a service that allows you to tell recruiters who you are. And with Facebook’s latest Timeline utility, job seekers have a whole new way to present themselves to recruiters. The static information in your profile will communicate where you are currently working, which school/university you attended, etc, much like a resume. You can choose to include life events and add pictures and graphics into your Facebook profile. The emphasis is on life events that portray whatever it is that you want recruiters to know about you.

How you can use Timeline effectively

Up-to-date professional information:

As you may be using Facebook primarily to interact in an informal capacity, it is possible that you may not have updated your professional information. Timeline’s profile field highlights your job title and present employer. Ensure that your employment history is updated and that you present professional accomplishments impressively.

Choose privacy options with care:

Go through the privacy settings carefully given the fact that Facebook changes its privacy options very quickly. As Timeline will make it quite easy to view your complete Facebook history, you wouldn’t want recruiters to come across embarrassing, politically incorrect or cheesy memoirs from the past on your Facebook wall. Update privacy options to ensure that such information can be viewed only by friends.


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