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Practical Client Advice

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Top 5 Reasons to Seek a Consultant

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Avoid These Top Job Seeking Mistakes

Getting the desired job is not easy, but it is very easy for job seekers to settle into an unproductive routine. Being unemployed are emotionally taxing, which makes the searchers even more prone to making mistakes. Most professionals searching for a job tend to get into a rut after a while, but the important thing is to identify this and to break out of it. Some of the most common job seeking mistake includes:

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Having a Mentor is Great – But How to Make the Most of It?

Mentor plays an important role in career development. You can not only get guidance, but also learn new skills from your mentor. Studies indicate that if both the mentor and the mentee actively participate in the relationship, it can be highly satisfying for both of them. For this, you need to be clear about the purpose of seeking a mentor. Some professionals need a mentor to help them get new clients, while others may need a person to help them learn a new skill set.

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How to Convince Potential Clients to Give You New Projects

Finding the right clients is only half the job done, you also need to convince them to entrust you with new projects. Intense competition among consultants has made this task very difficult. Once you have a list of ideal clients in hand, you need to draw their attention and ensure that they get in touch with you.

Contacting Potential Clients

There are a number of ways of getting your message through to the clients and attracting their attention. The most popular ones include email and telephone. While sending emails it is important to take care not to create spam. Rather than sending messages in bulk, customizing them based on individual client requirements is recommended for maximum impact. Ensure that the subject line is concise, crisp and to the point. The entire piece should be well thought out and should strongly motivate potential clients to get in touch with you.

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How to Get Your Career on the Expressway

Every IT consultants should always think hard about the direction that their career is headed in, and how they can continue to grow in this profession. You can deal with this in two ways. You can either continue complaining and let your careers progress with no real direction or plan a new course for it, and make sure you achieve the goals you set out for yourself when you chose this profession.

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Must-Have Soft Skills for IT Consultants

While your technical skills will get you a job interview, your soft skills can help you land the job and also work harmoniously with clients. Here is a look at some of the must-have soft skills you need to hone.

Listening actively: Listening carefully and patiently will stand you in good stead when collecting business requirements, gathering information to create status reports and providing internal service to clients.

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