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Being Practical and Being Innovative: What Does Your Company Need?

Whether you are an employee or a co-founder of your own company, a big question is whether or not to play it safe and be practical or to take a risk and innovate. According to expert efficiency consultant and entrepreneur, Vish Pattanashetty, the truth is you need some of both.

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Secrets To Success For Your Company: How To Beat The Competition

There are certainly many schools of thought about what techniques a company should enact in order to be the best. The answer, according to Suggestica founder Vijay Peduru, is actually quite simple. Instead of using your competition as a point of reference, you just need to focus on the customer.

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Are You Ready To Raise Money For Your Startup Company?

Many startup companies need outside funding or investors to succeed. However, this is not a given and if you have other options besides outside funding, you should investigate further even if it takes longer.


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How To Think of New Ideas For Your Future Startup Company

There are many ways to come up with ideas for a new company, such as having a discussion with an expert in the field, examining what other companies are missing, and using Google’s Keyword Tool.

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