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Strategies For Client Retention To Have Fun And Grow Your Business

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Client Retention Strategies Best Practices for Success

To ensure you retain your clients and that they are satisfied, Strategic account consultant Venky Rao suggests weekly status reports, along with monthly and quarterly governance reports. The weekly status report ensures analyzing what is working or not working at an account level.

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Client Strategies To Ensure Retention And Business Growth

Venky Rao shares a one minute video about successful client retention strategies.

There are many various client retention strategies, but one that is particularly helpful, as experienced by strategic account consultant Venky Rao, involves providing insight about an issue that the company itself might not be aware of at all. Mr. Rao shares a story about a client that was having issues with their social media.

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The Details of Achieving Success with Client Retention

One of the most effective client retention strategies according to expert account manager Venky Rao is innovation and continuous improvement. This is particularly effective with accounts you have held for a few years. Have a look at the domain experience you already have so you can determine process improvements and innovative ideas.

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