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Strategies For Client Retention To Have Fun And Grow Your Business

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The Cycle of Relationship

Clients and Consultants go through a number of different stages.  Like any good story, I find that they happen in three acts.  Nearly every relationship follows this pattern, but the stages are much more pronounced in the business world and even more so for the consultant and their client.

Each of us go through these stages when we meet a new friend – Putting your best foot forward, recognizing their humanity, truly connecting – but they tend to be subtle.  In business they happen with a rigid formality – interview, error, resolution – yet seem to hardly go noticed.

Lets look at these stages and how understanding their implications in business can be helpful.

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5 Intrepid Bloggers With Business Wisdom

Sometimes you don’t need advice which is straight up and down your path.  Having ancillary sources helps you expand your perspective on what you do.  In fact, that kind of symbiotic learning is where we truly learn to innovate.  Blogs are a wonderful field for this.  Many bloggers help people by giving advice on relatively general areas, or find ways to make their specific experiences more accessible.  This is a list of 5 bloggers whose insights into life, finance, entrepreneurship, leadership, and independent living/employment are invaluable.

Escape From Cubicle Nation -Pamela Slim


We live in an age where we are radically redefining what it means to be employed, what it means to be an expert.  As we shift in these definitions, we shift in our understanding of what the workday is, what the work place is.  We shift what work is.  Pamela Slim advocates a life of entrepreneurial excellence, independence, and working for your true value.

Her site is full of excellent content including e-books, recommendations for other sites, articles, and newsletters.  A successful entrepreneur, writer, and speaker herself, Pamela Slim’s site is not to be missed.

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