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Is Failure Just What You Need To Accelerate Your Career?

Though failure is usually thought of as something you want to avoid, when it comes to your career, that is not always the case. Failing is just a temporary setback which provides an opportunity learn and improve for the future. It is all a matter of interpretation.

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Using Technology In Your Job Interview – The Secret Weapon

From cell phones to laptops to iPads, here are varying theories of using technology in your job interview.  Motivational speaker Rick Deutsch says the secret weapon is a piece of technology that the interviewer is not aware of – a camera pen! What are the benefits of using a pen with a hidden camera? In addition to giving your hands something to do in case you get nervous, you can also discreetly snap a few pictures of the interviewers to refer to later.

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How To Lead Your Team And Establish Goals After Getting a Promotion

Leadership consultant Kimberly Wiefling recommends following a guideline to ensure success after you get that promotion you’ve always wanted. First, it is very important to have a conversation with your team to help build trust. Be sure to listen very carefully to get to know them and establish the rapport necessary.

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The 3 Questions You Must Ask To Take Charge Of Your Job Interview

Top LinkedIn Career Coach, Dilip Saraf, recommends asking these three critically important questions during your job interview to help you get hired.

  1. What are the expectations during the first 90 days? Whatever information you can ascertain here is helpful to provide a basis for additional questions.
  2. What metrics will be measured during the first year? By asking this, you are demonstrating your attention to detail and that you track your goals.

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Why You Need To Attend Job Fairs To Find Your Next Job

It is a common question to wonder if you really need to attend a  job fair while you are job hunting. According to Praba Murugaiah, founder and CEO of TechFetch, the answer is definitely yes, but not just for the reasons you might assume.

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Determining Your Job Title During The Hiring Process

LinkedIn’s Top Career Coach, Dilip Saraf understands the desire and importance of having a certain job title. As he says, it is not something to get hung up on. If you are considering taking a new position, the most important thing you can do is articulate the responsibilities.

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Tips To Get Hired: 3 Critical Elements Of A Successful Interview

Dilip Saraf, LinkedIn’s Top Career Coach, explains the three most critical to help you have a successful interview and get hired.

  1. First is chemistry, also known as ethos. This is how you connect or build rapport with the interviewer. By building rapport, you are connecting on another level than just interviewer to interviewee. It also shows your interpersonal skills and creates likability.

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