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Why Do Entrepreneurs Take Risks When Starting A Business?

If you are not an entrepreneur you may feel those that are entrepreneurs are taking big risks left and right, but are they really such big risk-takers? According to Vijay Peduru, founder of StartupWin.com, it is a matter of perspective.

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How To Avoid Procrastination To Help Grow Your Career

Everyone has been afflicted with the “disease” of procrastination at one point or another during their career. While it can be a big challenge to overcome, there are ways to avoid being a procrastinator. Rajiv Mathew, the Head of Marketing for Campassites, uses a method that takes only an hour called “tiny miracles”.

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Is Failure Just What You Need To Accelerate Your Career?

Though failure is usually thought of as something you want to avoid, when it comes to your career, that is not always the case. Failing is just a temporary setback which provides an opportunity learn and improve for the future. It is all a matter of interpretation.

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Training Kit>> CIPT2 8.0: Implementing Cisco Unified Communication Manager

Techfetch Academy offers online training for CIPT2 8.0: Implementing Cisco Unified Communication Manager. This course introduces the CUCM solution and describes the role, architecture, characteristics, hardware and software requirements, and the licensing model of CUCM.

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The One Thing You Must Have In Order To Launch A Startup

If you have a great idea what do you need to get going and start a company? Some people say you need money, connections, experience, etc. While those things can certainly be helpful, there’s only one thing you absolutely must have according to successful entrepreneur Vijay Peduru. That one thing is determination.

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Client Retention Strategies Best Practices for Success

To ensure you retain your clients and that they are satisfied, Strategic account consultant Venky Rao suggests weekly status reports, along with monthly and quarterly governance reports. The weekly status report ensures analyzing what is working or not working at an account level.

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