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Are You Ready To Raise Money For Your Startup Company?

Many startup companies need outside funding or investors to succeed. However, this is not a given and if you have other options besides outside funding, you should investigate further even if it takes longer.


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Personal Branding And Your Career: Your Reputation Depends On It

As the saying goes, your reputation precedes you, but does your reputation matter when it comes to your career? Personal branding expert Bill Belew say the answer is a resounding yes. He provides an example of how his reputation, or personal brand, saved him from an inaccurate accusation he faced while teaching.

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Cloud Foundation with Amazon Web Services

Cloud computing becomes the latest trending technology in Today’s IT world. It is expected that Cloud – ready IT professionals will grow by 26% annually through 2015. 7 million cloud-related jobs will be available worldwide at that time. This is the right time to develop your knowledge in Cloud Computing. Techfetch.com has planned to conduct a webinar “Cloud Foundations with Amazon Web Services” on May 22, 2014. You can come to know about various career opportunities available in the field of Cloud Computing

Date: May 22, 2014 (Thursday)

Time: 04:00 PM – 05:00 PM EDT

Speaker: Madhu Joshi

Registration Link: http://bit.ly/1sRGW4y

Highlights of the webinar:

Here are the various topics covered in this webinar

  • What is cloud and why is it applicable?
  • Cloud job prospects and growth
  • Typical career path
  • Cloud career pyramid
  • Answers to common questions
  • Cloud training landscape
  • Sample labs in our training
  • Trillion Technologies Cloud Career Tracks
  • Q & A

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Are Great Leaders Born or Built in the Business World?

The question of whether or not people are born leaders has been debated for years. Active Garage co-founder Himanshu Jhamb, says no one is really born a leader. Instead, a leader is someone who learns to demonstrate certain qualities over time. Being a leader involves a particular skill set that is learned and developed.

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Tips for creating video Resumes

In today’s Job market, video resume becomes a valuable tool to achieve the employment. It makes your resume stand out to recruiter from the crowd. It helps you in marketing yourself to prospective employers.

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