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Do Graduates Need Experience When Entering The Job Market?

Having on the job experience when you graduate from college is certainly a great thing to have. However, it is not a requirement by any means. Some companies will bring you on as an intern where you can learn on the job and then get hired full-time if it is a good match

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Best Practices for Team Management at a Successful Company

Managing a team has several important nuances. As explained by expert management consultant Rajiv Munshi, the most important aspects of managing a team are as follows:

  1. Set the expectations and define the roles. Each person is different and may respond differently. The manager has to coach, mentor, and make sure team members are focused on the objective.

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Effective Methods for Developers to Become Subject Matter Experts

To become a subject matter expert, it is important that IT professionals always remain on top of their game and increase their market value. CEO and founder of TechFetch, Praba Murugaiah has 3 tips to ensure you are successful at this:

  1. It is important to constantly upgrade your skills by making sure you are aware of any changes in a particular language. Get hands on experience using the new code so you are ready to go when necessary and so you can create examples demonstrating your skills.

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Why You Must Always Let The Interviewer Know You Are A Quick Learner

For most job candidates there are parts of the job description for which you have years of experience. However, it is all too common there are a few required or desired skills for which you have little to no experience.

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