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Avoid These Top Job Seeking Mistakes

Getting the desired job is not easy, but it is very easy for job seekers to settle into an unproductive routine. Being unemployed are emotionally taxing, which makes the searchers even more prone to making mistakes. Most professionals searching for a job tend to get into a rut after a while, but the important thing is to identify this and to break out of it. Some of the most common job seeking mistake includes:

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Having a Mentor is Great – But How to Make the Most of It?

Mentor plays an important role in career development. You can not only get guidance, but also learn new skills from your mentor. Studies indicate that if both the mentor and the mentee actively participate in the relationship, it can be highly satisfying for both of them. For this, you need to be clear about the purpose of seeking a mentor. Some professionals need a mentor to help them get new clients, while others may need a person to help them learn a new skill set.

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Business Perspective is Very Important for a Successful IT Consulting Career

Inability to get desired projects or to move up the ranks leaves many IT consultants frustrated. In spite of the demand for consultants in the industry, the personal experiences of these professionals indicate the opposite. Even today the requirements of a successful IT career remain elusive to a majority of professionals. The secret to IT career development lies in gaining business perspective.

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