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5 Intrepid Bloggers With Business Wisdom

Sometimes you don’t need advice which is straight up and down your path.  Having ancillary sources helps you expand your perspective on what you do.  In fact, that kind of symbiotic learning is where we truly learn to innovate.  Blogs are a wonderful field for this.  Many bloggers help people by giving advice on relatively general areas, or find ways to make their specific experiences more accessible.  This is a list of 5 bloggers whose insights into life, finance, entrepreneurship, leadership, and independent living/employment are invaluable.

Escape From Cubicle Nation -Pamela Slim


We live in an age where we are radically redefining what it means to be employed, what it means to be an expert.  As we shift in these definitions, we shift in our understanding of what the workday is, what the work place is.  We shift what work is.  Pamela Slim advocates a life of entrepreneurial excellence, independence, and working for your true value.

Her site is full of excellent content including e-books, recommendations for other sites, articles, and newsletters.  A successful entrepreneur, writer, and speaker herself, Pamela Slim’s site is not to be missed.

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Working the Recruiter

While Corp-Corp is doing wonders for the world of IT recruitment, many contractors still find themselves working with recruiters between jobs.  Working with a recruiter is like having a living resume, they go out into the world to promote you and find your gig.  They are talented professionals who are meant to align the right person with the right job.  Trust them!

First, Dispelling the Myth

Recruiters aren’t selfish.  They aren’t only looking out for themselves.  In fact, logically speaking, their job doesn’t allow for that.  Yes: they make money from getting you a job, but that should encourage you, not discourage you.  Their livelihood is based on getting you a quality position.

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Insight into a Mid-Level IT Executive’s Mind

There are myriad business issues that mid-level IT executives ponder over. All of these contribute in a big way to their companies’ success. Problem solving is the objective of executives, which is facilitated by careful evaluation, brainstorming on the issues, and choosing the best possible solutions to tackle them. But what exactly are the issues that keep executives on their toes? Here is an insight into a mid-level executive’s mind.

Information security is critical to large and small businesses alike. Information leaks within the company reveal that there was a failure in implementing proper security measures. Information security controls and policies are especially important in the banking, manufacturing and financial sectors where protecting information assets is vital. IT executives need to ensure that the right security controls are implemented and the company enjoys a robust security infrastructure.

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