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Breaking Stereotypes

Stereotypes are massively damaging.  They don’t only apply to race, religion, or gender, people stereotype everything they are unfamiliar with.

Now that’s not to say anyone will ever truly suffer from stereotypes for being in the IT world, but their career certainly can be harmed by these stereotypes.

There is hope, though, as an individual you can begin to truly stand out when you defy other people’s expectations of you.  Part of the concept of branding involves being remarkable.  If you fit the outline of what an individual expects, you automatically will stand out in their mind.  While you should never go about acting disingenuous, you can easily make yourself stand out by keeping in mind other’s expectations and acting against them.

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Stop Stopping Yourself

It seems trite, but we really are our own worst enemies.  There are so many cases in which we stop ourselves from really excelling.  Especially if you are a consultant – where so much of your work is self-started, self-motivated – it is absolutely essential to break down the walls that restrict you from really excelling.

Social Limitations

We are so worried about judgement!  The greatest fear in the world is public speaking.  Worse than death, people fear the judgement of a mob of their peers.  Perhaps we fear the idea of an assessment passed by a majority – a fear of the negative judgement passed democratically.

But this fear stops us from truly growing, stops us from really connecting with people.  In the business world, it stops us from reaching our greatest potential by stopping us from asking for what we need.

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Open Webinar: Making Your IT Recruiting Company Stand Out in the Face of Heavy Competition



Presented By: Raj Khera


Date: Thursday, June 22, 2012


Time: 04:00 – 05:00 PM EST


Register Now:  http://bit.ly/M6JrgC

Facing the challenge is important in Today’s business world!!!


Corp-Corp.com (http://goo.gl/vrwC2) provides a webinar on a wide topic recruiting. This webinar surely be a wonderful place to gather knowledge and share your ideas.


Core points of our Webinar:




� Stay on top of your clients minds


� Position your company as a trusted source


� Stand out amongst your competitors


The result is that when prospects are sales-ready they think of your company first, giving you more opportunities than your competition.


Speakers’ Bio:




Raj Khera has built several Internet companies. GovCon, which was the first web site that provided bidding opportunities and databases of active contracts for government contractors, was acquired by a publicly traded company.


His current company, MailerMailer, is an email marketing service that includes a library of articles that clients can use and edit to make newsletters that win new and repeat business. He learned his B.S. and M.S. degrees in electrical engineering from the University of Maryland, College Park, serves on several boards and was recently appointed to the Maryland Economic Development Commission by MD Gov. Martin O?Malley.


Registration Link:


Sign up for this webinar at www.corp-corp.com/blog/it-recruiting-company-sales-client-engagement/?aid=webwdp


We hope this webinar will be beneficial for you. Please feel free to share this nice opportunity with your friends and neighbors. Thanks in advance.

How to Make an Effective Pitch as an IT Consultant

You may excel at ERP systems implementation, database schema design or development of security schemes for wireless company networks. But you may not know how to communicate your technology skills to potential clients. This is a problem that IT consultants often face – pitching themselves effectively. Here are some tips for convincing potential clients about your technology skills.

Start off by telling clients what your USP (unique selling proposition) is. Let them know what exactly you can offer them. This is crucial keeping in mind the fact that companies look for specific skills focused on solving a particular problem. You need to clearly tell them about the tech domain you specialize in.


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Steering Clear of Common Mistakes that Many IT Consultants Make

The path to success is not smooth and unless you guard yourself against potential pitfalls, your IT consulting career can fail to live up to expectations. There are some common mistakes that IT consultants commit unknowingly. Here is a brief discussion on a few:

Not demonstrating passion and enthusiasm for your job

IT consultants need to sell their skills a bit more aggressively to land the project they have been hoping to work on. You should show clients how you have the zeal for the job, and how this will help them meet their project goals. Being low-key or lacking confidence can fail to convince clients that they have the right man or woman on board for their project.

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Top 5 Job Hunting Sites

The very fact that job search jobs exist shows that our economy certainly could be doing worse.  There is a market out there, but we as seekers need to work harder to get involved in that market.  Having a wide pool to draw from is undeniably the best way to increase your odds of finding a gig.

What I like most about job-hunting websites, is that they benefit most by actually supplying both ends of their customer base with exactly what they need.  So they go out of their way to help give advice, streamline results, and leverage your needs against their resources.


 LinkedIN is my favorite option for job hunters.  First and foremost it is a site that helps you see the power of your deliverable network.  Job listings often will also show people you may know related to that industry, company or individual.  This site does not avoid the fact that people like references, they like being able to hire someone who is vouched for.

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