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5 Myths of Consulting

Consulting is full of myths.  People create myths when they need to excuse themselves from pursuing their goals.  Many strive to be a consultant or envy their position, but few ever push themselves to excel.  Debunk the myths of consulting and you’ll find it easier to really make a career of it.

They are the Unassailable Best

Summary: It’s not what you can say, but how you can say it.

There is an idea that every consultant is the absolute best in their field.  There seems to be this narrative – which informs my next point – that they go from menial worker, to prodigy, to god-of-the-field.  From their godly perch, they grow bored of their tasks and evolve in to consultants.  Consultants are super-deities of their field whose every word drips gold and honey.

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