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When you’re self employed it’s easy to get caught up in the world of business. In your mind, every waking moment can be seen as billable time, time you should spend marketing, time you should spend networking.  You’re more than all of that, though.  The two intermingle but you always must keep in mind that your social life exists outside of the world of business.

But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t inform your world of business.  Here are some reminders:

The Power of Positive People

Especially when you’re starting off, keeping positive people in your circle will do nothing but benefit you.  Negativity is like a virus.  One person consistently doubting your abilities will soon have you consistently doubting your abilities.  There’s always one person in the group who simply cannot seem to have a positive outlook.

Cut them out immediately.  Social norms say that we just accept people for who they are, but this person is actively becoming a burden to your mental state.  Don’t allow their negativity to bring you down.  Be the bold one that determines your personal goals are too important for the pessimist to affect you.

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