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Debate: The Merits of the Cold Call

The cold-call sales technique is the scene of a massive battle across almost all fields.  The appeal is minimal, and most people don’t like the idea of their phone number or email address being used by a stranger.  Businesses are much the same.  Few businesses like it when a consultant suddenly pops onto their radar saying “Change your ways!”

I’d like to put out a few thoughts on both sides of the coin, then open the field to discussion/debate down in the comments section.


The cold-call is the embodiment of hustle.  When you’re just starting out, there is little better you can do than pound away at any and all openings.  Your strategy is blunt, more of a battering ram than a swift attack.

The upshot of this, is you may hit the right target at some point, and that target may open up in a big way.  Also, you provide yourself a diverse starting point.  If you land a few jobs with cold calls, they open up huge numbers of references if you work well for them.

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Do the Work, Don’t Find the Answer

A few years ago, a team at Duke University claimed to have discovered a way to match a tumor’s patient-specific DNA to the precise medicine required to cure the disease.  It was considered a watershed moment in cancer research.  That is, until it was scrutinized by third party sources.  What they found was two sets of data.  One set was the patient’s actual data.  The other set was a slightly doctored version of that data.  The formulas and tests only functioned under the false data set.

Whe we are faced with a massive challenge in our careers, perhaps the kind of seemingly insurmountable challenge cancer seems to pose, it is tempting to find the quickest, most glorious route to success.  If you are asked to hire a consultant or a contractor, you hope your hire swoops in and magically resolves all of your problems.  If you are that consultant or contractors, you hope your cape is freshly laundered and ready for heroics.

It wont work that way though.

Do the Work

When you are on a project – self selected or otherwise – do your due dilligence.  Ask all of the questions, research all of the angles, figure out a method of approach.  If you can swing in and fix everything all at once, either the people that hired you should not be in charge or you have done something wrong.

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5 Myths of Consulting

Consulting is full of myths.  People create myths when they need to excuse themselves from pursuing their goals.  Many strive to be a consultant or envy their position, but few ever push themselves to excel.  Debunk the myths of consulting and you’ll find it easier to really make a career of it.

They are the Unassailable Best

Summary: It’s not what you can say, but how you can say it.

There is an idea that every consultant is the absolute best in their field.  There seems to be this narrative – which informs my next point – that they go from menial worker, to prodigy, to god-of-the-field.  From their godly perch, they grow bored of their tasks and evolve in to consultants.  Consultants are super-deities of their field whose every word drips gold and honey.

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5 Reminders for Life-Work Balance

When you’re self employed it’s easy to get caught up in the world of business. In your mind, every waking moment can be seen as billable time, time you should spend marketing, time you should spend networking.  You’re more than all of that, though.  The two intermingle but you always must keep in mind that your social life exists outside of the world of business.

But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t inform your world of business.  Here are some reminders:

The Power of Positive People

Especially when you’re starting off, keeping positive people in your circle will do nothing but benefit you.  Negativity is like a virus.  One person consistently doubting your abilities will soon have you consistently doubting your abilities.  There’s always one person in the group who simply cannot seem to have a positive outlook.

Cut them out immediately.  Social norms say that we just accept people for who they are, but this person is actively becoming a burden to your mental state.  Don’t allow their negativity to bring you down.  Be the bold one that determines your personal goals are too important for the pessimist to affect you.

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Top 5 Tips for Choosing Mobile Computers

Dozens of manufacturers offer hundreds of devices in thousands of configurations, but only one may be best suited for your particular environment and workforce. Rather than trying to stay on top of all the products that are being introduced and discontinued, the technologies and features being added, plus available peripherals and software, enterprises can quickly cut down to a few viable options by following five basic tips:

  1. Consider the environment and the user
  2. Stick to industry standards & certifications
  3. Simplify support
  4. Require flexibility
  5. Pay attention to power

This white paper explains these tips and how they can be applied to assist the enterprise mobile computer selection process.

Offered Free by: Intermec Technologies Corporation

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4 Great Free Consulting E-Books

E-Books have dramatically changed the game of advice giving.  People with experience are no longer inhibited by publishing houses and can easily put their thoughts into the field at large.  A veritable cornucopia of subjects and angles are presented online.  You are given the ability to choose between whose voice you agree with.

While most e-books are low-cost compared to their published cousins, the e-book revolution has also made it possible to have free content delivered in large quantities by respected thinkers.

Become the Expert in Your FieldRoger Wyer

This book focuses on building a brand of credibility and success.  Based on the premise that credibility is synonymous with expertise, the book guides you through while providing worksheets.  Wyer believes that if you read the book and truly apply yourself, you will increase revenue via your footprint in your industry.

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