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There are many resources available to you as a job-seeker online.  Here is a quick list of 10 that you must have your eyes on if you want to be a successful candidate.

Catherine’s Corner

“Energy and persistence conquer all things” is Catherine Adenle’s mantra.  Her blog really bleeds that mentality, ensuring that anyone who reads it realizes the amount of power they hold in their hands.

Elite Resume

The Elite Resume team is an organization of people dedicated to providing professional career building advice.  Follow their blog for excellent motivational pieces, practical application of resume construction, and ways to progress yourself in your given field.

Seth Godin

Whether or not you’re currently looking for a job, Seth Godin is one of the premier bloggers to read.  With a concise statement, he can alter your perception of a project or your career path.  Godin also publishes e-books on a variety of issues.  He is undoubtedly a leading voice on the web.

Career Hub Blog

The Career Hub Blog is an excellent resource for furthering a current career, perfecting a resume, getting job seeking tips.  Their staff of writers draws from a huge variety of experiences and brings together fascinating articles view more at here


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