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Suit Vs. Tee-Shirt: Social Media Presence

Suit Vs Tee-shirt is an analysis of formality/informality in business.  New methodologies clashing with tried-and-true mentalities create conflict for the modern business and employee.  Here, I attempt to dissect various aspects of that clash.

A recent post about the Facebook Timeline brings up a very important issue about  our new age of Social Media.  As an extension of our resume, employers have access to Google.  Almost each and every one of us will have some form of unique footprint on any search engine – articles, profiles, comments we’ve left.  Suddenly, tools that were personal extensions of ourselves online are being scrutinized by employers.  Traditional wisdom says that we should curate our online avatars.  But this brings up an interesting question:  Do we want to be hired by companies that expect automatons?  Should the individual change their online presence?  Or should companies begin to change their visions of employees from dollar signs to humans?

SUIT: It’s All a Resumé

THE IDEA:  The first position here is that everything we do online is a massive extension of our resume.  Facebook pictures, twitter posts, Google+, are all a part of a resource that your potential employer will check and attempt to glean information from.  Thus, just as you would curate your resume to present your best face, you should curate your online presence.

IN REALITY:  It’s definitely true that we’re scrutinized by our potential employers online.  Many thorough HR departments will do extensive research for important positions.  They’ll turn first to websites like LinkedIN as they will hold the most relevant information, but the attention will soon turn to Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

PROS:  Hirability by major, established companies.  Appearance of normative behavior.  Safe.
CONS:  Time and effort put in to curating profile.  Socially awkward to interact with friends in this way.

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10 Blogs Career Seekers Must Follow

There are many resources available to you as a job-seeker online.  Here is a quick list of 10 that you must have your eyes on if you want to be a successful candidate.

Catherine’s Corner

“Energy and persistence conquer all things” is Catherine Adenle’s mantra.  Her blog really bleeds that mentality, ensuring that anyone who reads it realizes the amount of power they hold in their hands.

Elite Resume

The Elite Resume team is an organization of people dedicated to providing professional career building advice.  Follow their blog for excellent motivational pieces, practical application of resume construction, and ways to progress yourself in your given field.

Seth Godin

Whether or not you’re currently looking for a job, Seth Godin is one of the premier bloggers to read.  With a concise statement, he can alter your perception of a project or your career path.  Godin also publishes e-books on a variety of issues.  He is undoubtedly a leading voice on the web.

Career Hub Blog

The Career Hub Blog is an excellent resource for furthering a current career, perfecting a resume, getting job seeking tips.  Their staff of writers draws from a huge variety of experiences and brings together fascinating articles view more at here

5 Consulting Blogs You Have to Read

At Corp-Corp, we provide fast paced connections between IT consultants or contractors with the clients who need their help.  At the same time, we look to provide some advice and keep you abreast of the Consulting world, new products, and information or seminars that can help you excel.

But, and this might surprise you, we aren’t the only ones trying to help.

There are almost as many blogs about consulting as there are consultants in the world.  It’s difficult to weed through which blogs are run by people just starting out and the sites which have truly helpful content.


Tech Republic is one of the best resources out there for advice or reference material.  A beacon of tech on the web, it draws in many talented and respected writers whose experiences are priceless.  Many of their articles also include a summary at the top to ensure you’re reading something that you will benefit from.

View more at http://www.corp-corp.com/blog/5-consulting-blogs-you-have-to-read/

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