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The End Game

You’ve been brought on by a client to solve a problem.  After doing your due diligence, you went in and helped them resolve their issues.  You knew enough to listen to their problems, find the subtexts, and eventually brought out the root issue and managed to create an effective solution.

Congratulations!  Now it’s time to simply strut out of their office and walk into the next project, yes?


Now is the time to ensure a smooth exit and maintain a position that ensures a good name will follow you along with positive references and perhaps even some friendships.

Exit Strategy

The way you end a contract with a client is just as important as the first impression you gave upon walking in to the interview.  Rather than simply exiting, the nuance of concluding the business is essential to your personal branding.   Anyone in your field may have been able to walk in a resolve the issue, but if you do it with social grace and professional polish, you’ll have set yourself up well.

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Pay Attention to the Facebook Timeline – Recruiters are Watching

What exactly is Facebook Timeline? If you don’t already know, employers are increasingly turning to popular social network, Facebook, to recruit candidates. Timeline is a service that allows you to tell recruiters who you are. And with Facebook’s latest Timeline utility, job seekers have a whole new way to present themselves to recruiters. The static information in your profile will communicate where you are currently working, which school/university you attended, etc, much like a resume. You can choose to include life events and add pictures and graphics into your Facebook profile. The emphasis is on life events that portray whatever it is that you want recruiters to know about you.

How you can use Timeline effectively

Up-to-date professional information:

As you may be using Facebook primarily to interact in an informal capacity, it is possible that you may not have updated your professional information. Timeline’s profile field highlights your job title and present employer. Ensure that your employment history is updated and that you present professional accomplishments impressively.

Choose privacy options with care:

Go through the privacy settings carefully given the fact that Facebook changes its privacy options very quickly. As Timeline will make it quite easy to view your complete Facebook history, you wouldn’t want recruiters to come across embarrassing, politically incorrect or cheesy memoirs from the past on your Facebook wall. Update privacy options to ensure that such information can be viewed only by friends.


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Useful Freeware for IT Consultants

Buying specialized industry-standard software packages is no doubt an expensive proposition. Instead, it is a smarter idea to opt for freeware that delivers the desired functionality for your requirements. In fact, freeware is the choice of many IT consultants, who work on diverse projects requiring different software tools.

Tips on choosing freeware

When you decide to go for freeware, keep a few points in mind. Check if the freeware comes with one or more features that have been disabled. If so, check what these are and whether or not they will impair functionality or cause unwanted hassles. The freeware you choose should have no trouble exporting to XML, PDF and CSV for smooth functioning and use. Also verify if the software has been updated at least in the last seven to eight months; ongoing updates are indicative of a good ecosystem back-up for the freeware.

Some freeware you can consider


PDF-XChange Viewer:

Packed with features, the PDF-XChange Viewer allows the creation of visible type in a PDF. This makes it very easy, quick and convenient to fill business docs. Investing in PDF creation tools that offer the same functionality can cost you quite a bit.

view more at www.corp-corp.com/blog/usefulfreeware-for-it-consultants/


Etiquette Tips for Video Conference Interviews

Video conferencing is a very effective tool for communicating with clients when it is not possible for the parties to be physically present at the same place. It is widely used for conducting interviews. It is also more economical and time-saving when compared to face-to-face meetings. When you are in a video conference interview, it is important to make a good impression. Here are a few etiquette tips to help you during an interview:

• In a video conference interview, all participants should introduce themselves in turns. If there are more than two to three people in a conference, write down their names to ensure that you address them correctly in future.
• Pause after the interviewer has finished speaking. Sometimes, there can be delays in receiving audio and video.
• Communicate in short sentences. Use a clear voice when talking. Talk in a normal voice range. Most microphones are capable of picking your voice effectively. Also, ensure that you listen carefully when the interviewer talks to you.
• At the end of a video conference, summarize your points and inform the interviewer whether you are interested in the job or not. If you are, clarify the steps that will follow. view more at http://www.corp-corp.com/blog/etiquette-tips-for-video-conference-interviews/

Free Webinar : PMI Agile Certification

Presented by Joseph Flahiff

Wednesday, March 14, 2012 – 12:00 Noon – 01:00 PM EST

Corp-Corp.com cordially invites you to join a Technology related webinar on title “PMI Agile Certification”

Webinar Highlights

  • What is Agile Certified Practitioner certification?
  • Who is it best for?
  • What do I have to do to qualify?
  • What does it take to become an ACP?
  • What is the exam like?
  • What do I have to know to pass the exam?

Speaker’s Profile:

Joseph is an Agile Trainer, Speaker and Consultant with an international reputation in Agile.  He speaks on “Agile for Project Managers” in USA, Europe and Canada. Last month, Joseph took part in the PMI Agile certified practitioner beta exam program. He is now working on the PMI Agile CoP to provide PMI ACP exam study materials on the PMI CoP website. Joseph, has recently received the highest possible score on the New PMI-ACP certification and Whitewater Projects, Inc. is a Registered Education Provider with PMI.


  To register for this webinar, Visit http://www.corp-corp.com/blog/pmi-agile-certification/?aid=ccwdp      

  There will be an opportunity to ask your questions and doubts at the end of the webinar. Register now and join with us. Feel free to forward this message to your friends and colleagues.

Establishing a Connection with the Interviewer

Many people have the required skill set but are unable to convert that potential into a job because they do not perform very well in the interviews. To do well in your interview, you need to have a good impression on the interviewer. Here are a few things that will help with your interview.


Usually, interviews start with some customary small talk. It is very important to come across as confident during this period and you should appear comfortable to the interviewer. There is a very thin line between being comfortable and too casual, so make sure you do not cross it.

Body language:

A lot of interviewers observe your body language very carefully. Simple things like your handshake or your sitting posture can convey a lot to the interviewer. But often people end up paying too much attention to their body language and mess up the interview. All you need to do is to smile, sit with your back straight, not move too much in the chair, and try to maintain eye contact with the interviewer.

view more at http://www.corp-corp.com/blog/establishing-a-connection-with-the-interviewer/



                                                   March 8, 2012 Santa Clara CA

Trends, Technologies and Talent for 2012


Corp-Corp cordially invites you to join us for a CEO breakfast event. In this event our panelists will share their insights on the topics.

How you and your business will be influenced by three things:

  • Trends – that are both global and local
  • Technologies – that are changing the game in big and small ways
  • Talent – that you can access, acquire and grow to capitalize on the above two

VENUE:  Networking Meeting Center @ TechMart

                   HALL:    San Jose, 5201 Great America Parkway,

Santa Clara, CA 95054

                  DATE:    Mar-08-2012 (Thursday)

                  TIME:    08:00 am – 10:00 am (PST)

Panelists for this event:

Mr. Raju Reddy, EVP of Global Services, Hitachi Consulting

Mr. Jnan Dash, Technology Visionary & Executive Consultant

                 Mr. Anand Chandrasekaran, Senior Director of Product Management at Yahoo

Mr. Prabakaran Murugaiah, Founder & CEO, Corp-Corp.com

It is a wonderful opportunity to meet several IT consulting and Staffing company members face to face. Pre registration for this meet is required, for further details please visit www.corp-corp.com/events/CA-event-2012.html

Online registration is feasible at a rate of $40.

In addition, Corp-Corp will unveil the online DemandIndex for technology professionals. DemandIndex will help you determine what’s hot and what’s not in a particular geography. For instance, you can find out what are the top ten technologies that are in hottest demand in Arizona or California. This is a tool you need to have in your back pocket before you make big plans on technology and talent investments. The end result of this meet is really valuable and helps to enhance your business.  For more details you can also contact at 703-544-2035 or Email at support@corp-corp.com

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