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Hustle or Flow?

When you’re out in the start-up world, looking to create your own business or to get your name out as the go-to consultant in your industry, you probably devour mounds and mounds of tips on how to start. If you do your research you’ll discover 2 important things:

  1. Everyone is repeating each other:  The message is generally the same – variations in flavor aside (we’ll get to that) most people are just rehashing old ideas in new language.  It’s important that people are doing this.  Everyone responds to different calls, different drums.  So what if someone will only respond to your message on time-management if it’s put in the context of a sci-fi metaphor, at least they respond.
  2. There are two opinions:  In the world of consulting, entrepreneurial-ism, or contract work we essentially respond to two different messages.  One, Hustle, says we should go-go-go and grab every contract we can.  If we take something we aren’t experienced in put that pot of coffee on and stay up until the wee hours of the morning learning it.  The other mentality, flow, says we should responsibly take the options which play to our strengths.  This way we’re always building a reputation for what we’re good at.

View more at http://www.corp-corp.com/blog/hustle-or-flow/


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